We introduce “Wasabi” paste mini pack.

Wasabi is Japanese horseradish and traditional Japanese seasoning, especially matching to Sushi and Sashimi.

You can use Wasabi for meat to bring the Wasabi Flavor.

Wasabi paste is a common ingredient in Japanese cooking and is used especially in sushi dishes. Wasabi is a green paste that is made from natural ingredients and which contains a set of very spicy flavors. For this reason, it helps to augment the flavor of raw fish and simultaneously helps to serve as an antimicrobial as well.



We can offer the Wasabi paste mini pack. It is desirable for one time use, especially for restaurant.

One pack has 2.5gram wasabi paste. The photo’s one is stored in frozen or refrigerator.









We can also offer the similar wasabi paste for non-frozen type.

This paste can be stored in Normal temperature! No need the refrigerator.

Shelf life is 1year.


We can offer the several type of Wasabi paste. Please feel free to contact us!