Corporate profile

Pan Asian trading Co., Ltd is an established exporter of minilab spare parts, industrial Insulating tape and importer of water treatment chemical and wood base products. We are handling export and import.

Since 1998 we have been exporting the minilabs (photo developing machines) and the spare parts for minilab, Pan Asian Trading are holding the knowledge for minilab and trying to supply the best service to our customers.

Not only we supply the ordinal item but also we can find and serve the customer’s demanding items. If you look for something, please share the information. We try our best to find your solution.

Branch officePan Asian Trading : Singapore office

Name Pan Asian Trading Co., Ltd
Address RBM bldg 3F, 1-27-12, Hamamatsucho, Minatoku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Tel 81-3-6402-5250
FAX 81-3-6402-5227
CEO Tetsuya Aihara
Capital JPY10,000,000
Establishment 1976,April
Products Minilab parts, Water treatment Chemicals, Oleo chemicals, solid wood flooring, PVC tape,
Singapore address No.108 , Keng Lee Road , # 05 – 02 Keng Lee View Singapore 219268
Singapore phone/FAX Phone:67333-715, Fax:67357142


1976: Pan Asian Trading Co., Ltd established by Yoshio Aihara

1977: Head office was set at Akihabara, Tokyo

1998: We started to handle minilab and spare parts

2003: Head office was moved to Yokohama, Kanagawa

2004: Singapore Representative office was established

2011: Tetsuya Aihara was installed as Managing Director.

2012: Singapore office was promoted to Pan Asian Water Chemical Pte ., Ltd. as subsidiary of Pan Asian Trading Co., Ltd.

Meet Our Team

Tetsuya Aihara
Tetsuya AiharaPresident
Welcome to Pan Asian Trading! Let’s grow toghether for bright future.
Tsutomu Aihara
Tsutomu AiharaDirector
Director of minilab parts and other export items. I can find what you look for . Please share your idea. I can be of your service.
Noriyuki Ishibashi
Noriyuki IshibashiManager
I am working for chemical. I can serve you with my speciality.
Nao Aritome
Nao AritomeStaff
Hi, I’m in charge of Minilab spare parts. When you have any questions about spare parts, feel free to ask me.  I’ll try my absolute best  so that I can be of help.
Aya Takizawa
Aya TakizawaStaff
Accounting and Financing. I welcome your visiting our office!!
Sayuri Nagaoke
Sayuri NagaokeStaff
Hello!  To meet the needs of customers, I make an effort. “Speedy service” is my motto. Please let me know if you need anything.