Electric parts

/Electric parts

117C1060555/ Fuji HeaterH703LP5700

We can make an offer for 117C1060555 (Fuji HeaterH703LP5700). We have received a lot of inquiries for this item. If you need it, please contact us from our inquiry site.

146S0029A photo interrupter

This week we have a lot of orders for 146S0029A photo interrupter / sensor. We have some stocks.



We can make offers for SANWA Digital Multimeter. This photo is DIGITAL MULTIMETER CD772. And also we can handle any other items too. If you are looking for SANWA item, please contact us from inquiry.  

117S0031A-2 Heater

we have 117S0031A-2 Heater

117S0009B-4 Heater

We have the Heater 117S0009B-4

114C6007881X01 PROM

We have 114C6007881X01 PROM Ver2.0-0X-000

R004393-01 Stepping motor driver

We have Stepping motor driver R004393-01. This motor has been discontinued but we have 1pc.

J306239-00 J306321-00


PCB for Noritsu Koki QSS2301 We have J306239-00 ANM control PCB and J306321-00 printer I/O PCB for QSS2301 minilab.