other spare parts

/other spare parts

L010025-00 OIL

L010025-00 LUBRICATING OIL for Noritsu koki minilab

C006052-01 spindle assy

C006052-01 spindle assy for Noritsu koki minilab

3740 01619A sheet(English)

This item is 3740 01619A  (sheet(English)). If you need it, please let us know.

319H0047 shaft

This item is 319H0047 ( shaft) for Fuji machine. If you need it, please let us know.

350G02630 Cover for Fuji LP1500

It's 350G02630 Cover for Fuji LP1500. We can make an offer for it. If you need it, please let us know.


363C1024682C Guide for SLP1000

360G03714E case with sheel

360G03714E Case ( with sheel for FP363SC )  

G003280-01 Rack plate (3)

We shipped rack plate (3) parts No. G003280-01. This item is big but light. So I recommend you to use EMS. If you have any questions, please ask us.

laser checker


We can offer for this laser checker

96A21076B10 NC135S Neg. Carrir


PP1258 / 1828 NC135S Neg. Carrier (parts No. 96A21076B10) Unit price USD100/FOB Yokohama We have a stock.  

808C21355B2 MFC10Y


We have used MFC10Y for Frontier 350/370. Unit price USD100/FOB Yokohama  

360C965944H GMB BOX


We have GMB box (360C965944H) for FUJI Frontier 330/340 SLP800/SLP1000. Unit price USD400/FOB Yokohama

96A21424A00 Mirror box for SP1500


We have 96A21424A00 Mirror box for SP1500 / Frontier 350/370 Unit price USD50/FOB Yokohama

LAMP SLP1000 for Frontier 340


FUJI Frontier340 (SLP1000) Lamp 898C1025159   USD50/FOB Yokohama

3740 02619A SHEET

We have 3740 01619A SHEET (ENGLISH) for Konica.